Wuming Press

Wuming Press, established in 2010, is dedicated to upholding human values and daodelity to set up a leveraging platform in the market to support and publish books in the aspects of education, culture and society and support any innovative and inventive ideas which benefit mankind.


  1. Laozi’s thought is nowhere close to a religion, metaphysics or immortal. Laozi was not religious at all. In fact, Laozi preferred freedom, equality, respect, rationality and open-mindedness rather than disciplines. Laozi was only committed to launching a non-violent pro-republic campaign fighting against feudalism, advocating a fair and equal society for mankind and suppressing the spread of Servantism.

  2. Along with the recovery of the correct interpretation of Daodejing, the original Chinese humanistic culture before Confucius is now found revealing long lost “fundamental human rights”(dao), “authority social responsibility”(de), “mutual respect”(ren) and “people-oriented economy”(qi).


  1. Everyone is guaranteed his “fundamental human rights” to have an opportunity to make a living sufficiently to live a free and equal and life.

  2. Poverty is a result of that the necessary resources for the underprivileged people to make a living are monopolized by the rich and their “fundamental human rights” are not guaranteed. The only way to address the poverty issue is to tackle such monopolization. Social harmony is accomplished only when the “fundamental human rights” of the underprivileged are protected. Social harmony is not just a philosophical concept or a cliche. When the poverty issue is not resolved, society will not be harmonious.

  3. Social harmony means that all people in society live, survive and be prosperous together. Natural harmony means all things under the sky live, survive and be prosperous together. Harmony will guarantee all people and all things to survive generation after generation. That means perpetuity. It is our own responsibility to ensure the human race can live generation after generation.


  1. We are committed to promoting Laozi’s advocate of “magnificent equality” among people.

  2. We are committed to reviving the spirit of mutual respect and mutual benefit which once existed in the ancient Chinese culture among people.

  3. We are committed to reviving the concept of “authority social responsibility” to safeguard “fundamental human rights” which once existed in the ancient Chinese culture and the once-lost technique of “society leveraging” to tackle the poverty issue.

  4. We are committed to voicing out that the government of every nation should recognize and observe its “authority social responsibility” and be responsible to take care of the people completely.

  5. We are committed to promoting the theory of people-oriented economy which is based on safeguarding full employment. Let every capable one have his guaranteed opportunity of making a living.

  6. We are committed to promoting the concept of monopolization-free free market that everyone can have a choice. The consumers’ choices reciprocally are the force to weaken any extremism in the market.

  7. We are committed to publicizing the jobs of Wuming RISE Limited. With the “society leveraging” concept embedded, Wuming RISE Limited sets up a “General-business Actuating and Market Enabler” platform to ensure a haven in the market for individuals, small business and new business in order to generate jobs and to counter-act market dominations.

  8. We are committed to publicizing the jobs of Wuming Energy Limited. With the “society leveraging” concept embedded, Wuming Energy Limited sets up an energy sharing platform to weaken energy monopolization in the market and to tackle the energy poverty issue.

  9. We are committed to ensuring a free space for publishing and knowledge sharing.

Wuming Press Limited is committed to building itself a “Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise”. “Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise”, inspired by the philosophy of Laozi, is a new kind of social enterprise which is dedicated to weakening monopolies and ensuring a haven to provide opportunities for people. 50% of pre-tax profit of Wuming Press will go to Laozi Fund. In the meantime, Henry Tso has donated the copyrights of his books to Wuming Press Limited to support its operation.

Laozi Fund is not a financial investment fund. It will not accept capital from the financial market or other investors. Laozi Fund is not owned by any person or any institution. It will invite recognized social leadership who share the same people-oriented ideal as members of the Board of Directors and its operation is only governed by the Board of Directors. Based on the Natural Principle of Independence, Laozi Fund will be independent and self-sustained, therefore, it will not raise fund from the public. Its main income will only be coming from the profit of Wuming Press Limited and. Apart from supporting publication, Laozi Fund will be dedicated itself to “subconscious education” to develop young people to be independent well-beings.

The idea of “society leveraging” came from Guan Zhong (c600 A.D.) and Laozi (c500 A.D.). It is about certain position in power to exercise his power in the feminine way to tackle certain over-excess issue in society through certain mechanism so that no one will be hurt. It was also known as the yin-yang harmonization theory in the past. Guan Zhong was the first in history to introduce the “people-oriented” policy in governing in order to respect human life. He weighed human life more over than material. He exercised his power as the Prime Minister of the Nation of Qi and applied the monetary system then in a special way to set up the platform of society leveraging so that the underprivileged could live a respectable life. Nowadays, the concept of “society leveraging” is still found useful to address the same old problem of poverty. The “people-oriented” mindset should still remain. It is to take certain position in power to set up certain platform to handle certain extremism in society. The “Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise” will be a certain platform in the market to handle extremisms in the market.

Laozi said, “When all of the people know how beautiful the beautiful system is, they will reject the ugly one. When all of the people know how perfect the perfect system is, the imperfect one will be identified.” “When all of the people know” means power. It is a matter of people’s power to make a move. Such power means moral force. With such force in the form of consumers’ choice, that means we are enforcing morality in the market. It is the true invisible hand in the market as Adam Smith expected.

Wuming Press Limited, Wuming Energy Limited and Wuming RISE Limited will be working together towards the same goal of returning a fair and viable living world to people.